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ARTICLE: YouTube answers common questions about their algorithm.


I didn’t read the article, what is it about?

Recently the folks at YouTube did a question and answer session where they gave advice and insights to help creators better utilize YouTube to grow their reach and following. Want to read the article for yourself? Check it out on Social Media Today!

Why does it matter?

This article is important because video marketing has been on a steady incline for years. We have seen numerous brands turn to video to connect with customers and provide value for the people who fit their ideal audience. We had a few takeaways from the article. The first is that YouTube doesn’t give preferential treatment to channels that post more often than others. Instead, they reward channels where users consistently come back to watch videos. The second is that according to the article chasing trends is not seen as a long-term strategy. They also mentioned that this strategy should be avoided if you don’t have content that will stand out amongst other videos about trending topics.

How can Castnet help?

At Castnet, we help businesses understand how to best take advantage of powerful marketing tools and channels. If you are curious about how Castnet can help you take advantage of social media. Head on over to our social media page and check it out.

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