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What is a Google Business Profile and what it can do for you:

Gather ‘round and listen up as we delve into the nitty-gritty of Google Business Profiles (formally known as Google my Business or GMB, for short).

First off, what is a Google Business Profile? In short, it is a useful tool for both SEO and lead generation. Think of your Google Business Profile as a way to level up your company’s already existing Google presence. These two avenues go together like peanut butter and jelly (or peanut butter and marshmallow fluff – I see you fellow fluffernutter enthusiasts).

It is important to note that a business’s information can exist on Google on its own, but you are not able to manage your company information or any reviews that come in. This is where a Google Business Profile comes into play. By creating this, you can personally access, edit, and manage your business listing on Google.

Once your Google Business Profile is up and running, you can really personalize your company’s online presence, and fine-tune how it is presented to both potential and current clients. A GBP makes it possible to interact with reviews, create posts, input your website link, times of operation, location and more. You can also see insights into what local people are searching for, and how to make your business appear at the top of the list via keywords.

Still have questions? We have answers! At Castnet we are professionals in managing Google Business Profiles and helping our clients and their businesses reach their full potential. Give us a shout today and see what we can do for you. We would love to help!

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