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5 Website Design Stats for 2022!

Having a website is a must for businesses. That is where the first impression about your business is made and where judgements on your business's credibility are made. Your website is oftentimes where you win or lose a potential customer. Because of how important having a website is, we wanted to share some stats to help your decision-making.

It takes 0.05 seconds for users to create an opinion about your website.  (Source: Behaviour and Information Technology)

First impressions matter for a website, and that first impression happens fast. Users can make an opinion about your site faster than you can say the word website. Putting time and resources into your website can have a big payoff. Whether that means hiring an internal web designer and developer or outsourcing to a company like ours, the attention you focus on your website will boost online credibility. 

7 out of 10 small business websites don’t include a call to action. (Source: Small Business Trends)

Have you ever been in a store or restaurant that doesn’t clearly mark where the restroom is? When that happens, you wander around frantically, trying to decipher where the bathroom is located or searching for the nearest employee that can direct you in the right direction. It can feel like that when a user visits your site and sees no call to action. They will aimlessly scroll your site with no idea what action they should take. Instead of letting the user get lost, bring in a call to action that encourages them to fill out a form, make a call, or download a file. Using a call to action will encourage your visitors to take action and will allow you to better serve those who visit your site. 

Users spend around 6 seconds looking at a logo before moving on. (Source: Missouri University of Science and Technology)

Logos and brand names are major identifiers of a business, which is emphasized by the stat that users spend around 6 seconds looking at your logo on your site. To put that into perspective, in the first stat, we acknowledged users make an opinion about your site in .05 seconds. So if they are spending 6 seconds looking at your logo, that means they have lots of time to strengthen their opinion. If you look at your logo and don’t feel excited, inspired, or proud, it may be time for a rebranding effort. 

They also spend around 6 seconds looking at the navigation bar. (Source: Missouri University of Science and Technology)

So we talked about not letting visitors wander aimlessly on your site, and the navigation bar is a way to help provide clarity to your site. By adding clear navigation, users can find what they are looking for and can navigate to the info quickly.

81% website visitors only view the first three screens worth of info. (Source: NNGroup)

So a trend in recent years has been to have one landing page for a business and to have what should be pages full of info stuffed into one page. The stat above shows why that doesn’t work. Users will view up to three screens of info as they scroll, but that number drops off significantly once they pass three pages. What this means for your business is that you should break your content up and should keep your homepage free from excessive content. 

If you are curious about the impression your website is making, fill out our website form and let's chat! 

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