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5 Social Media Stats To Help Drive Your 2022 Strategy.

We have provided our main takeaways from the stats to help you better understand the importance of the data. Let's dive in! 
  • More than half of the world's population uses social media now. (Smart Insights)
    1. It goes without saying, but social media is popular. Whether it is the latest TikTok trend or family pictures shared on Facebook, social media is wide-spanning, reaching audiences in every demographic. Our team at Castnet keeps track of the trends and understands how to help you reach your ideal audience. 
  • The average daily usage of social media is 2 hours and 27 minutes. (Statista)
    1. Not only are people using social media, but they are also using it a lot. With the average time being over two hours, there are many openings and time slots that your business can reach users. The early days of social media yielded various “best time to post” articles. However, now pretty much any time you post, you will see the engagement because of the combination of large user bases and time spent on the platforms. 
  • 80% of Instagram stories that contain and emphasize a call to action perform better. (Instagram)
    1. Our team at Castnet believes in the power of a call to action! If you aren’t telling your audience what the desired action is, they won’t do anything and will just keep scrolling. So the next time you go to post a story, be sure to add a CTA that clearly tells the user what action you want them to take. 
  • 200 million social media users visit at least one business profile every day. (Status Brew)
    1. In recent years, we have seen business pages experience a decrease in the effectiveness of organic social media. However, that doesn’t mean that users aren’t seeing the pages and what they are posting, it just means the user has to seek it out. This is proven by the stat above. Make sure you continue to keep your social channels fresh and up to date so that when users seek out your page, they are met with a pleasant and engaging experience. 
  • The likelihood of a consumer to recommend a brand on social media after having a positive experience is about 71%. (Oberlo)
    1. We’ve probably all experienced both good and bad customer experiences. As illustrated by the stat above, when you give consumers a good experience, they will return the favor by recommending your business and speaking highly of your brand. So as you are planning your customer touchpoints, consider what will create the most enjoyable and efficient process for them. 

We hope these stats have been helpful to provide insight and inspiration into how to utilize social media better than ever before in 2022! If you're curious how our team at Castnet can help boost the effectiveness of your social media? Visit our social media management page.

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