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ARTICLE: 9 Roadblocks to SEO Success.


I didn’t read the article. What is it about? 

This article dives deep into some roadblocks that could cause issues for a company's SEO success. It breaks down many common roadblocks, including not defining campaign goals, lack of resources, poor patience, broad targeting, not thinking full funnel, ignoring SERPs, bad partnerships, disconnection from other marketing channels, and not enough attribution. The article does a good job of laying out the roadblocks and explaining how they can impact SEO. 

Why does it matter? 

This article matters because it will help your business avoid some common roadblocks. We wanted to focus on a few roadblocks that we typically see local businesses struggle with.

  • Not defining campaign goals - This is something that we see businesses struggle to do. We see them create a website and then write content with no actual idea of what they are trying to achieve. When businesses set goals, they can understand if their content is getting them closer to the goal or not, which allows them to be more precise in their SEO decision-making. 
  • Poor patience - So let's say that you already set your goals and are taking steps to meet them, but after a month you aren’t getting results, and because of that, you give up on SEO. This may seem like an exaggeration, but we see it happen time and time again. While local businesses are flowing with creativity, ingenuity, and passion, they have a tendency to lack an essential ingredient of a successful SEO campaign… patience. If you are just getting started with SEO and feel like nothing is happening, you’re not alone. SEO takes time, and when you are patient with your optimization, you will get better results, and your ranking on search engines will improve. 

How can Castnet help? 

The first step in avoiding a roadblock is to know it is there. This is where our team at Castnet comes in. We have experience helping businesses get the most out of their SEO. We can provide the insight to help you set goals and the inspiration to keep going. The best part of all is that we will focus on SEO for you while you focus on running your business. Sound appealing? Give us a shout and get a free Website/SEO report


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