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Intern Spotlight!

       Hi, I’m Sydney Sunderland, a name you do not know, but hopefully, a name that will stick with you after reading this post. So, why don’t I get the basics taken care of? I am a 22-year-old recent graduate from Texas A&M University. I am currently completing my second summer internship with the Tampa Bay Times and soon I will be boarding a ship for four months to travel the world with Semester at Sea. While interning with the Tampa Bay Times I was tasked with writing a blog post about my youthful viewpoint on the digital world. At first, I thought this would be a hard topic to write about because the digital world is so vast. I could have written about the evolution of technology, or how maybe one day we will be taken over by AI robots, or even how the youth are overly consumed with that little light-up box we put in our pockets (AKA our cell phones). Instead, I thought I would make it easy for you readers. I am just going to talk about my experience with the digital world and how it would apply to you.

       Last week, I had a total screen time of twenty-eight hours and thirty-two minutes. Those twenty-eight hours broke down like this: TikTok spent time was around six hours, time spent texting was around five hours, time spent on Instagram was around three hours, Snapchat spent time was around an hour, and a couple more apps accounted for other various amounts of time. With the time spent on my phone over last week's period, I had used my phone for more than a full day's worth of hours. Why would that be important to you as an advertiser? Because my generation is glued to our phones. You can either mock it, mock us, or you can see it as an opportunity to reach our demographic. My demographic scrolls on any social media platform we can get ahold of. We like seeing the world from the comforts of our own beds, we like laughing at videos of embarrassing stories and we enjoy learning viral new recipes. We can find answers to anything and everything we need with just a click of a button.

And if we are to be labeled as the generation who is obsessed with being on their phones, then why not use it to your best advertising advantage?

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