Even as local businesses continue to reopen their doors or ease back on social distancing practices, it is clear the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. Many consumers still prefer to purchase goods online for home delivery or curbside pickup.

Geofencing in its traditional form, although still beneficial, may not be enough right now to reach those users who are reluctant to visit physical businesses.

The solution to this problem? Addressable Geofencing.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, Addressable Geofencing is a relatively new form of digital advertising that provides business owner s with household-level precision when targeting consumers. Essentially, AGF gives an advertiser the ability to target individual devices found within a home with ads (as opposed to targeting their competitors or other businesses their ideal audience might visit).

Benefits of Addressable Geofencing

This method of advertising offers precision
, as custom geofences are placed over each location.

Advertisers can upload a mailing list or use third-party data to create targetable audiences. An advertiser with CRM data or a mailing list can reach these specific users digitally. If an advertiser does not have access to this data, they can build their ideal audience using pre-existing data such as demographics and interests.

Cross-device execution is easily achieved, as consumers typically have multiple GPS-enabled devices in their home; users can be targeted via smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and even Smart TVs. Using the deterministic cross-device tracking technique, advertisers can have confidence that they are reaching their target audience within a home. This technique uses shared website and app logins on devices to distinguish between multiple family members in a home; for example, we can tell that a user we targeted with an ad on their smartphone is the same person using a laptop because they are logged in to Facebook on both devices.

AGF is compatible with OTT. Advertisers can take advantage of OTT (Over the Top) advertising by streaming video ads to both big screens (TVs) and small screens (smartphones, tablets) in a consumer’s home.

Lastly, advertisers can track conversions, also known as foot traffic or business visits (identical to traditional geofencing).

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Jessica De Marco is an Account Manager with Castnet, a digital advertising agency based in St. Petersburg, Florida. When she’s not managing digital ad campaigns, she’s probably obsessing over musicals, playing video games, or cuddling with her miniature dachshund.