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ARTICLE: Why you should give Google Analytics 4 a chance?

If there is one thing that successful websites have in common, it is a razor focus on the analytics and a desire to use those analytics to optimize the site. Most companies hope to rank well on Google Search, and they turn to Google Analytics as their go-to source for website stats. However, in October of 2020, everything changed with the announcement that Google would launch a major update to the analytics tool they provide. 

Since its introduction, Google Analytics 4 has been a controversial topic. Some users have welcomed the new iteration of analytics with open arms and have embraced the new features and processes that come with it. Other users have continued to use the previous version of analytics known as UA (Universal Analytics). While Google has worked to educate users and answer concerns, the adoption of Google Analytics 4 has been slow, and some users haven’t even considered changing. If you fall into the group that has been hesitant about the new version of analytics, we wanted to share an article from our friends at Search Engine Land that outlines some of the biggest complaints with GA4 and then gives reasons the change happened and why it is beneficial. 

Click here to read the article.

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