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5 Stats to Help You Stand Out on Search Engines


Google processes around 63,000 search queries per second. (HubSpot)

OUR TAKEAWAY: That is a lot of searches per second! This stat proves that Google is popular and people are using the platform. That means that it is of the utmost importance for your business to show up on Google when users are searching. Google has held most of the search engine market share for the last 2 decades.

Google considers 200+ factors before delivering the best results to users. (Backlinko)

Google uses data and algorithms to create a great experience for users. They take hundreds of factors into account in milliseconds to give you the best results. That means that your website and ads should be targeted to your ideal audience.  If you try to cater to everyone, your ads might get lost in the millions of Google results that are out there.

“Google” was the top search query on Google worldwide in 2021. (Statista)

This stat shows people are going on Google and then typing in a search for Google… which makes little sense. But, what it illustrates is that users depend on search engines like Google. This means that even if you feel your target audience lacks technology skills, there is a good chance they are using search engines.

The average person conducts 3-4 daily searches. (HubSpot)

People are conducting 3-4 searches each day, which means they turn to the web to get answers. This is why your website should focus on answering the questions that customers have. When you provide useful content to customers, Google tends to show you more on search results.

46% of all Google searches are linked to something local. (HubSpot)

Remember the days when you’d go to a new place and have to ask around about all the local hot spots? Well, those days are gone. Local businesses are starting to focus on having a good online presence. That way when customers are searching for local info, they are able to find it.  Long story short, if you are a local business and aren’t on Google. It is time to change that, and our team at Castnet can help!

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