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5 questions to ask when partnering with a digital agency.

How do you measure success?

This question will allow you and your new agency to get on the same page. What may be counted as a success by an agency may not be the measure of success you are hoping for as a business owner. Asking this question creates clarity, and clarity leads to a stronger partnership. 

Who will we be working with regularly? 

This question will allow you to gauge how your new agency is structured. Some agencies assign a team to an account, some assign an individual, and some don’t have a clearly assigned group for a campaign. Asking this question allows you to understand who your point of contact is and if it is a singular person or a team. It will also give you the ability to figure out what the best way to communicate with your new agency is. 

How frequently are we going to be meeting together? 

Following up on our previous question, if you ask about the regularity of meetings, this will create a clear expectation. If you as a client are expecting a meeting every week, but your agency only provides quarterly meetings, there could be tension and frustration. By asking about meeting frequency upfront, you will know what to expect, and your agency will have a clear meeting goal to strive for. 

What is included in each month of the contract? 

This is one of the biggest misunderstandings when it comes to the relationship between businesses and agencies. By asking what is included each month, you can better understand what actions the agency will be taking on your behalf and what the desired outcome from those actions are. 

How will you make sure you understand my brand? 

This is an underestimated question that frankly doesn’t get asked enough. Many agencies operate in a plug-and-play system where they have a basic idea of your industry and can write content and create creatives that match that industry. However, your business is unique and asking how an agency will work to understand that uniqueness allows you to have peace of mind knowing the agency you are working with wants to understand your business and help it grow. 

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