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3 tools that can make your website better!

We have published a handful of blogs focusing on how important it is to have an excellent website, and we hope that they have provided insights and inspiration. However, we recently realized we have given a lot of info about what you need on a website but haven’t outlined how to check your website. Below, we have outlined 3 tests that we feel are great starting points for checking your website and how it is performing. We hope these tools help you feel more confident about your website and how it is performing. If your results come back and are less than ideal, don’t worry. Our team at Castnet is skilled at helping businesses improve their presence online. 

1. Google Speed Test

We are going to start with website speed. If your site takes too long to load, you could lose customers and hurt your credibility with search engines. The Google Speed Test gives you great insight into how fast your site loads and what is slowing it down. If you only do one thing on this list, focusing on site speed should be it. 

2. Seobility 

This check is much more expansive than any other on this list. It focuses on the SEO portion of your site and will help you better understand how search engines see your website. This report will give you tasks that can help improve your site’s optimization and highlight things your site does well. This check focuses on technical and basic elements like texts and links. See below for an example of what the report looks like.

3. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

This is the most basic test on the list. It focuses on whether your site performs well on mobile. It doesn’t provide much info except if your site functions on mobile or not. While that may seem like an overly simple report, it is one that can remove questions as to if your site is optimized for mobile. See below to see how simple and easy to understand this report is. 

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